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3 Spring/Summer inspired nail art designs, that are easy to do for everyone!

Hello everyone, this is unusual posting on a Monday for me, as I normally post on the Sunday but as it snowed again ( meh, over it now aye-where are you Spring ) and this post is aimed towards Spring/Summer as you can tell from the title, I thought I would leave it for yesterday and try today. As, for today's post, as you know it is nearly meant to be Spring, I wanted to do 3 easy Spring/Summer themed nail art designs that anyone can do, even beginners.

I love nail art as you can probably tell by now, and even though the more detailed designs are so beautiful, I do love a really simple nail art design, as just something little on the nails can just make a big difference to the overall look of your nails. If you have never attempted doing nail art before or love trying it out, I hope this inspires you all a little.

These 3 nail art designs can pretty much be used at anytime of the year to be honest, just change up the colours to suit the season. But as it is coming into Spring/Sum…

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